This is how Pandemic Fatigue is fought in Cancun, the silent effect of SARS-CoV-2

⁃ Faced with the extreme exhaustion which the World Health Organization has diagnosed as a consequence of COVID-19, the possibility of safe vacations offered by the jewel of the Mexican Caribbean rises.

⁃ The so-called fatigue virus hits mental health hard and exponentially increases the global distress syndrome; Against this, vitamin D stands out as a panacea.

For mental health expert Erick Lalich, vitamin D is crucial and probably the main reason to vacation in Cancun. “For humanity the benefits of sunbathing are nothing new. It is impossible that there would be something more effective and natural for the well-being of people and the strengthening of their immune system than helping to generate the well-being vitamin, vitamin D ”, he details.

With a privileged climate, mainly in spring and summer, the beaches of Quintana Roo have more than just the range of blues and greens that have positioned it as the closest equivalent to earthly paradise. They are the rays of the sun in the tropics, producing vitamin D in the skin of tourists.

Vitamin D is one of the reasons why we are advised to spend more time outside, sunbathing, especially during spring and summer, taking advantage of the fact that there are more hours of light. Nothing like solar energy to reduce the effects of the multiform waves of that growing emotional distress.

“Closely linked to the enormous duration of the pandemic phenomenon, as the months accumulate, our coping mechanisms are exhausted and feelings of anger, frustration, sadness appear, against a background of uncertainty”, argues the neuropsychiatrist Jesús Ramírez Bermúdez , in an article recently published in Nexos magazine in Mexico.

And there is already a global consensus: anxiety and depression affect more than 40 percent of the population in the US alone, according to data from the Census Bureau. For its part, the journal Nature reports that at the beginning of 2019 this phenomenon was four times less.

They are the accumulated effects that the endless confinement causes in millions of people. The generalized fatigue that exasperates those who for more than a year have passively contemplated how the months go by without meeting their friends and without the situation presenting clear expectations of a solution.

For now, the Mexican paradise offers us its safe and protected environments to naturally recharge vital batteries, with the Caribbean sun as an ally and accomplice.

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