A new model of candidate to govern is presented in Mexico

In a land with stories of insecurity and high rates of social marginalization, stories of migrants to Canada and the United States, but also with stories of personal successes in the communities settled in the main cities of both nations, a different story would be developing in Michoacán.  Based on a novel proposal for the renewal of political leadership promoted by the new Progressive Social Networks (RSP) party.

Possessing an impeccable career as a businessman, the nominee for governor of the Mexican state whose image is associated with the centennial cultivation of avocado, Abraham Sánchez is a different bet for the future, in line with the full insertion of Mexico in the reinvigorated trade agreement with Canada and USA.

Connected with the migrants from his state who have successfully established themselves outside their country, aware of the development possibilities that the attraction of investment has for Michoacán, Sánchez intends to reinforce the virtues of that success achieved by his countrymen in their own land.

To do this, Sánchez maintains education as the axis of his proposal for change, nurturing a transformative vision in accordance with the productive vocations and the values ​​of Michoacán, where an enviable cultural and artistic tradition converges.

In that generation of alliances, Sánchez has the support of a network of teachers who communicate it inside and outside of that Mexican region, ready to get out of the backwardness and violence that for many years has hurt its inhabitants and discouraged progress, longed for by the majority.

His task, which should be very intense in the coming weeks, has a clear goal: to win the governorship of Michoacán to show the political class of his country that things can be done differently, to put Mexico’s clock at the same time of the development of Canada and the US, driven largely by Michoacanos who emigrated in search of better opportunities but never lost contact with what they once left behind.

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