• Sweden to pursue NATO membership, Russia’s military bogged down in Eastern Ukraine
    Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced Monday that Sweden will join Finland in seeking NATO membership in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The historic shift, which comes after more than 200 years of military nonalignment in the Nordic country, is likely to upset the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Finland announced Sunday
  • Ukrainian women celebrated on International Women’s Day
    International Women’s Day is a day that is widely celebrated across Ukraine, but this year, Ukrainian women are taking up arms to defend their homeland. In a video that has been circulating on social media, Ukrainian women dressed in military uniform are seen holding rifles. One of the women is heard speaking about fighting against the enemy.
  • Federal government warns Canadians against fighting for Russia in Ukraine
    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is warning Canadians against fighting for Russia in Ukraine, saying anyone who does so could face severe consequences. Freeland issued the warning during a news conference in Ottawa today, where she announced further sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The deputy prime minister said Canada believes Russia’s attack
  • 2 men in B.C. ‘weighed the risks,’ now heading to Ukraine to fight Russian invasion
    Oleh Hlyniailiuk has watched from afar as Russian troops invaded his native country of Ukraine, and everyday citizens took up arms to protect it. Hlyniailiuk came to Vancouver in November for vacation, and will soon be returning to a country that’s much different than the one he left. “I felt like someone put a knife
  • Arab refugees see double standards in Europe’s embrace of Ukrainians
    Syrian refugee Ahmad al-Hariri, who fled the war in his country for neighboring Lebanon 10 years ago, spent the last decade hoping in vain to escape to a new life in Europe. Watching European nations open their arms to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in less than a week, the father of three can’t help