• In Canada Day message, Trudeau says Canadian flag represents promise of a better life
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for unity amid a potentially divisive national holiday on Friday, using his official Canada Day address to call for deepened commitment to Canadian values like hope and kindness. The prime minister said the date marking Canada’s 155th anniversary of confederacy offers an opportunity to embrace the values the Maple Leaf represents, adding
  • Conservatives unsuccessful in bid to launch emergency debate on inflation
    The Conservative Party has failed to advance an emergency debate on inflation before the House of Commons rises for summer recess. After putting forth a request to the House Speaker for a debate, Conservative MP and finance and housing inflation critic Dan Albas wasn’t present in the chamber to speak to his proposal and explain
  • Senior military officer who retired, went to Ukraine, now charged with sexual assault
    Military police have charged retired lieutenant-general Trevor Cadieu with two counts of sexual assault, three months after the longtime army officer hung up his uniform and headed to Ukraine while still under criminal investigation. The charges were announced on Wednesday by Canada’s military police chief, Provost Marshal Brig.-Gen. Simon Trudeau, and relate to incidents that
  • Trudeau to meet with Biden, Google chief on Day 2 of Summit of the Americas
    It’s an itinerary worthy of Hollywood: the governor of California, the man who runs Google and the president of the United States. Day 2 at the Summit of the Americas is shaping up to be a busy one for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After he meets with President Joe Biden and holds a news conference
  • Few laughs, tough questions as Biden chats with Kimmel
    There weren’t a lot of laughs, but U.S. President Joe Biden got some unsolicited advice from Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday when the president sat down for his first in-person interview with a late-night host since taking office. The host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” expressed frustration about the intractable problems in Washington, and advised the
  • China’s actions toward Canadian planes ‘provocative and irresponsible’
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the actions of Chinese pilots towards Canadian planes taking part in a United Nations mission “irresponsible and provocative.” Speaking at a news conference on Monday, Trudeau condemned the actions of China toward Canadian planes that were taking part in a multilateral UN mission over the Pacific Ocean to enforce