Vancouver ranked second healthiest city in Canada

Vancouver is the second healthiest city in Canada, behind Calgary, apparently.

According to a report that compared 14 factors like life expectancy, yearly sunlight hours, health expenditure and crime, Vancouver is the 42nd healthiest city in the world (of those with data to compare). That puts Vancouver eight spots behind Canadian leader Calgary (34) and one ahead of Edmonton (43).

The report, from, notes that Vancouver scored well in air pollution (18th) and health care (22). As a whole, all Canadian cities scored well in age expectancy, and had high marks for mental health awareness and social workers.

Calgary beat out Vancouver thanks to more sunshine and lower pollution.

Other Canadian cities ranked were Monteral (46), Toronto (47) and Winnipeg (71). Out of more than 700 cities ranked Valencia, Spain, took first place, followed by Madrid, Canberra and Lisbon.

Last year’s study only included 40 cities and Vancouver did not make the list.

“The country with the most social workers per 100,000 people by far is Canada, with 145.4,” states the report. It’s also noted that Canada spends more than 10 per cent of its GDP on health care.

They ranked Canada 13th out of the countries they could collect adequate data for (notably the U.S. and U.K.). 

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