Vancouver police arrest woman for multiple stranger attacks

Vancouver police have arrested a woman who they allege kicked and punched people randomly in the Downtown Eastside on Saturday afternoon.

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Samantha Towedo, 38, was charged with assault in connection with an incident on Feb. 1 near Marine Gateway in Marpole, where she is accused of punching a 23-year-old woman who had refused to give her a cigarette.

In a statement, the Vancouver Police Department said that officers were on patrol on Feb. 5 when they spotted a woman attacking people near the intersection of Main Street and National Avenue.

“After arresting the woman, the officers were approached by a 26-year-old man who said he’d also been assaulted by the woman,” police said in the statement.

Two other victims were identified, but told police they didn’t want to participate in a court process.

The VPD says that every day, the city experiences an average of four stranger assaults . A unique study of a 12-month period ending Sept. 1 of last year found one in three of all assaults in Vancouver are random .

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