TekSavvy partners with Ericsson to upgrade broadband for over 30,000 households in southwestern Ontario

TekSavvy Solutions announced today that it has chosen Ericsson to upgrade TekSavvy’s existing fixed wireless access (FWA) services and network in rural southwestern Ontario.

The modernization of the existing FWA infrastructure is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020. 

Ericsson will be leveraging its radio system, cloud core technology and transport technology to build rural LTE networks in the region. Its radio system will be used for upgrading TekSavvy’s existing FWA network using Ericsson 8×8 MIMO solutions, expanding Teksavvy’s coverage in the process. 

Ericsson Radio System (photo by Ericsson)

“TekSavvy is an example of how an independent internet service provider can leverage best-in-class solutions from Ericsson in the delivery of robust rural broadband services at a level equal to the national players,” Charlie Burns, chief technology officer for Teksavvy, said in a press release.

This partnership will provide communities within the Lambton, Middlesex and Elgin countries, as well as within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent with upgraded and expanded broadband solutions through Ericsson’s services and products. According to Teksavvy, its wireless investments are set to improve rural broadband for over 30,000 households in Southwestern Ontario. 

As an internet reseller, TekSavvy relies mostly on infrastructures established by the larger facility based telcos to deliver service. The partnership with Erricson is the first between the two.

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