Sexual enhancement products sold in B.C. under names such as ‘Reserection!’ may pose serious health risks

Health Canada is advising the public of several unauthorized “sexual enhancement” products that were being sold in shops in British Columbia.

The agency said it seized thousands of items from seven Fantasy Factory stores and a warehouse, because the products may pose a health risk

The products, which include one called “Jaguar 3000” and another labelled “Lucky Lady,” were pulled from shelves after being found to contain substances including tadalafil.

Tadalafil, according to Health Canada, is a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfuction. It should only be used under a doctor’s supervision, the federal agency said in its advisory.

It can cause life-threateningly low blood pressure when combined with certain medications, and comes with a risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular side effects in people wih heart problems.

Tadalafil was found in several of the seized items, though not all.

Sildenafil is another substance investigators said they found, another drug used to treat erectile dysfunction with similar risks.

Health Canada said it also found yohimbine in some of the products, another prescription drug that can lead to “serious adverse reactions,” especially in people who already have high blood pressure, or heart, kidney or liver disease.

Anyone who’s been using any of the products listed below is told to stop taking it immediately, and to contact their doctor if they have health concerns. They’re also asked to report the products to Health Canada. 

The following products were seized from Fantasy Factory stores and warehouses:

  •  White Panther Extreme 50K
  •  VIP Go Rhino Gold 69K (silver and gold)
  •  Triple Green
  •  Spanish Fly 22,000
  •  Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 (red and blue)
  •  Rhino 69 Platinum
  •  Rhino 69 Extreme 35000
  •  Poseidon Platinum 3500
  •  Never Rest
  •  Master Zone 1500 (blue and gold)
  •  Lucky Lady
  •  Jaguar 3000
  •  Blue Diamond
  •  Black Panther Platinum 30K
  •  Black Panther #1 Triple Maximum
  •  Black Mamba Premium Triple Maximum
  •  Alien 2 Power Platinum 11000
  •  Alien Power Platinum 11000

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