Kamloops, B.C., dog that’s winning hearts online

A dog in Kamloops, B.C., is winning hearts after photobombing a buy-and-sell ad posted by her human. 

Alesia Willard was taking a photo of a baby gate she was going to sell on a local Facebook auction group with more than 48,000 members, when Sadie, her Siberian husky, popped into the frame.

“It was a mixture of being too lazy to retake it and thinking everyone could kind of use a laugh, and so I just threw it up on the buy and sell, and the feedback was just absolutely hilarious,” Willard told host Sarah Penton on CBC’s Radio West.

Sadie has since become a fixture on the buy-and-sell posts, which Willard says has helped boost sales, thanks to the “constant commenting” that bring her posts to the top of the page and the interest in her pooch’s big, expressive blue eyes.

“It’s … like she’s trying to stare right through your soul and she just took the biggest shot of espresso of her life,” Willard said.

Sadie in a buy-and-sell photo ad for a sofa. (Submitted by Alesia Willard)

“Everybody just loves it … It’s a nice refresh from all the doom and gloom that’s all over social media lately,” she said. “If Sadie’s derpy face can brighten someone’s day, then we’re going to do it.”

Sadie’s popularity extends beyond the Facebook group, with a TikTok video featuring her and Willard’s pet Chihuahua at a grooming shop viewed more than one million times worldwide — and counting.

Asked whether Sadie’s personality matches her face, Willard says “absolutely.”

“Sometimes she almost thinks she’s like a human child, so she’ll like snuggle up with you on the couch like a little kid. Then there’s other days she’s just ripping around the house … being a dog,” she said.

“There are times I’ll sit [and look] at her and I’ll be like, ‘I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen you blink,’ and then she’ll blink,” she added. “It just looks like she never does.”

Sadie celebrates her fifth birthday with a cupcake. (Submitted by Alesia Willard)

Now, besides home supplies, Willard is also selling calendars featuring Sadie — by popular demand, she says.

“Let’s be honest, 90 per cent of them are just there for Sadie. They don’t really care what I’m selling.”

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