Fearless Squamish grizzly captured, will be relocated

A healthy adult grizzly bear spotted sauntering through a busy neighbourhood in this community 60 kilometres south of Whistler has been trapped and will be relocated far from human contact.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says in a social media post that the bear has been captured in Squamish and will be released in a location determined by wildlife biologists.

The large male was seen Thursday feeding on fallen fruit from backyard trees and although it wasn’t aggressive, it also showed no anxiety about nearby humans.

Conservation officers report they hazed the bear in hopes of forcing it out of the neighbourhood but eventually brought in a large trap.

The bruin was safely trailered out of the area after it climbed inside to take the bait.

The conservation officer service urges everyone to pick fruit from trees, dispose of fallen fruit and secure anything else that might attract hungry bears preparing for hibernation.

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