Coughing couple fined $460 for maskless entry into Vancouver gym

Vancouver police doled out $460 in fines to a couple who allegedly entered a False Creek gym and coughed on customers.

The VPD says the incident happened on Saturday night.

Two constables were flagged down by the gym owner who told police that the couple, who were not gym members, had entered his business without face masks and then started coughing in the direction of people and equipment.

The officers encountered the couple — a 60-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman — as they exited a washroom inside the gym. The pair claimed they only pretended to cough because the people inside the gym had been staring at them.

The pair, whose names were not released, were each handed a $230 fine under the Emergency Program Act for not wearing a face covering and were asked to leave.

Under the act, masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces, including stores.

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