BC Hydro says it will weather heatwave, customers won’t see outages like in some U.S. states

BC Hydro says it will continue to deliver power to the province despite temperatures soaring above normal.

The company issued a statement early Tuesday to assure customers who might have concerns about the Western power grid, which was affected by an intense heatwave that gripped some parts of the United States last week.

The mercury spiked above 38 C in at least 11 states in the western United States, causing some power outages. The heat, which comes amid years of drought across the Southwest, has strained power grids in California and Texas and fuelled the spread of wildfires, according to a Reuters report.

BC Hydro says unexpected outages in Texas, for example, caused 2.4 million homes to lose power, and in California residents were asked to conserve power to reduce the strain on state’s grid.

The company says despite the pressure across the Western grid, it will continue to deliver power to its customers because it has more than enough energy to meet the increased demand on its system.

“And, unlike some of its neighbours to the south who are experiencing extremely low reservoir levels in some areas, BC Hydro is forecasting normal reservoir levels on average across the province this summer,” BC Hydro said, in a news release Tuesday.

“BC Hydro is well positioned with its flexible hydroelectric infrastructure and a surplus of clean generation. The vast majority of the power BC Hydro produces comes from clean hydroelectric resources, which essentially act as a battery allowing BC Hydro to ramp generation up and down at a moment’s notice.”

BC Hydro says its trading subsidiary Powerex Corp. exported surplus electricity to many western states to help during the heatwave.

The company says any revenue earned from these sales are used to help keep rates affordable for British Columbians.

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