Here is what Vancouver residents would do if they won a million bucks

What would you do if you won a million dollars? 

It’s a question we posed to readers and it drummed up a wide array of responses. We also asked what they would do if they won even more than a million. 

Mary-Ann Williams wrote she would buy tiny houses and give them away to all that need them. She’d then ask people to learn a trade “that is so needed in both Canada and [United States].”

Debbie Litvack said she would “breathe easier” and pay back debt. After that, she would make a donation to her daughters’ elementary and high schools as a “thank you” for the years their education was subsidized.

“I would put some away in trust for each of them,” she added. “I would put some away for our move – we are getting renovicted.  Finally, I would anonymously send a bit to those people around me who could use a bit of help!”

Dean Ponto is all about the animals. He told V.I.A. that he and his partner “would help save many of the pets in Ukraine” if they won the big prize.

Both PK and Gary Moore would “travel nonstop.” Moore would “also send [money] to Ukraine as [he is] half Ukrainian.”

Kim Papish said the question raises important discussion around the accessibility of mental health therapy in British Columbia. 

“If I had a million dollars I would be able to afford mental health therapy,” she wrote. “They say money can’t buy happiness. I beg to differ.

“If I had money for treatment…I would be happy”

Barbara Murphy-Bridge would help her family pay off debt. After that, however, she would donate the rest of the money to two charities: LifeWater Canada and SCAW (Sleeping Children Around the World). “Each $35 donation provides one bed kit consisting of: mat or mattress and bedding, mosquito net to prevent malaria, school supplies, clothing,” she noted. Katherine Arnett has put a great deal of thought into what should do with the money. “First up, I would buy a house with room for a vegetable garden. Probably in West Van somewhere. Nothing huge, just a big yard with a nice view and some privacy.

“Then I would start looking at the Gulf Islands and find a big piece of land. Ideally, Bowen or Salt Spring. I’d like to build a self-sustaining estate, powered by renewables, with a full garden. My dream is to have a few cabins that I could give out grants for to writers who need space to do their work. And to finish I’d finally build my dream photography studio with a darkroom where I could help preserve photographs and teach people the lost art of film.

“So that’s my plan. Or ya know… maybe I’d just buy a castle in France. Guess it depends on how much the jackpot is!”

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