• Hong Kong bans Air Canada passenger flights from Vancouver for 2 weeks due to COVID-19 exposure
    The Hong Kong Department of Health has imposed a two-week ban on Air Canada passenger flights from Vancouver due to a COVID-19 exposure.  According to a press release, Air Canada Flight 007 on Oct. 13 had one passenger who tested positive for COVID-19, and another passenger who failed to obey local health rules around providing health information. No further
  • The wine-growing Okanagan Valley in B.C. has a cryptic allure
    Powerful search engines that put the world at our fingertips, combined with the rise of mass tourism, have leached most of the mystery out of travel, even for the most obscure corners of the planet. But as a recent pandemic-related rise in UFO sightings will attest, we are as drawn to the unexplained as ever.
  • In B.C., the number of people allowed at Thanksgiving dinner depends on where you live
    As British Columbians prepare for another pandemic Thanksgiving on Monday, regional restrictions on indoor gatherings mean celebrations could look very different across the province. B.C.’s regional approach to dealing with the fourth wave of COVID-19 means that it is legal to have 10 people indoors over the long weekend in Vancouver or Victoria, but not in Prince
  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Hit By Global Outage
    Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went offline for users across the globe, the social media giant said on Monday, as it worked on restoring its services. We could not immediately confirm the issue affecting the services, but the error message on the webpage of Facebook Inc suggested a problem with Domain Name System (DNS). DNS allows web
  • Drug decriminalization movement gaining momentum in Canada as overdose deaths surge
    As overdose deaths keep surging in Canada, the movement to decriminalize illicit drugs is gaining steam, with one of the country’s largest mental health facilities joining national advocates and several major cities in putting pressure on the federal government to act. Earlier this summer, mayors from across B.C. signed a letter in support of Vancouver city