This hack will let you play Google Stadia on a phone without a controller

Google Stadia’s cloud gaming service offers wide access to titles, but it still requires players to have access to a controller. Rather than using the traditional Stadia controller, however, Reddit user SmashShock created a workaround that enables touch gaming on an Android phone — no additional app required.

Android Central spotted the subreddit thread, which popped up over the weekend. TouchStadia adds a controller directly to your phone’s screen, essentially turning any game into a touch-based experience. Although it’s hard to replicate the feeling of a controller or keyboard, especially for games that require precision, it’s a worthwhile substitution for those who are looking for a fast and easy fix. The feature has to be enabled manually in Chrome on Android and installed via an extension while browsing in desktop mode; its GitHub page has full instructions. 

After a rough launch last year, Google Stadia continues to improve features and bring new games to its lineup. Last week, it announced that four SteamWorld titles would be added to its library this year.

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