Trails in Vancouver’s Stanley Park shut down again because of aggressive coyotes

Some trails in Vancouver’s Stanley Park have been shut down a second time after more reports of coyotes nipping at joggers.

Park rangers have again closed trails near Brockton Oval — the same area restricted earlier this month — as officials investigate, according to the Vancouver Park Board.

B.C. Conservation Officer Service Sgt. Simon Gravel said unlike previous incidents where people were actually bitten, no one has suffered injuries in the latest incidents.

“We received multiple reports, the most recent yesterday, of very close encounters. We call them a near miss but there was no human injury,” he said. 

“Those coyotes are chasing humans and seeking food. Every indication is that they have been fed and have learned that behaviour.”

Two coyotes were captured and killed by conservation officers within the past two weeks. Gravel said officials are certain they found the coyotes that had bitten people.

People approached by a coyote are advised to make themselves appear as large as possible by waving arms, yelling and staying in place.

Coyote sightings can be reported to 311. 

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