Celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson shares tips to shine this holiday season

Most holiday celebrations are going to be virtual this year, which means festive glam looks are going to have to be camera-ready.

“Holiday virtual glam is actually easier than you may think,” Ricky Wilson, celebrity makeup artist for Dior, says. “All you really need is a smooth complexion, great eyes and a fierce lip.”

The entire get-ready makeup process, Wilson says, shouldn’t take you longer than 15 minutes from start-to-finish.

Wilson recommends prepping clean, moisturized skin with a mixture of primer and foundation for a “quick even tone on the skin,” recommending the Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin mixed with Diorskin Forever Skin Glow Foundation.

“The great thing about going virtual is glowing skin looks much healthier on camera than matte,” Wilson says of adopting a dewy skin finish.

Next, the makeup pro recommends adding “a touch of concealer” to the under-eye area as well as the corners of the mouth, blending out with your ring finger. For a brightened effect, Wilson suggests choosing a concealer that is one shade brighter than your natural skin tone.

For the face, Wilson points to shimmery skin additions as the ones to embrace for online get-togethers with friends and family.

“Think more highlighter than contour this holiday — and since highlighter doesn’t show up much on-camera you can use lots of it,” Wilson says, pointing toward Dior Rouge Blush Golden Nights Limited Edition in 310 Golden Frisson as a go-to favourite.

Sparkles typically shine through as a trend each holiday season, but as so many celebrations will be virtual rather than in-person, Wilson recommends donning a little something golden to ensure your look really shimmers.

“I’d say golden glow is the new loose glitter for this season,” Wilson says. “Since many of us will be at home celebrating virtually, let’s trade the glitter for glowing golden hues. The texture looks great on-camera.”

When it comes to choosing between a statement eye or a statement lip, Wilson says this holiday season is the perfect time to throw old rules out the window.

“This holiday it’s OK to play-up both the eyes and the lips. At the same time,” Wilson says. “We’ve been through so much this year. So, with makeup, we are having fun and breaking traditions.

“Keep the eyes festive and fun but remember you’re at home and not at the Oscars. Think of beautiful shades of gold peach and warm browns.”

Adding false eyelashes can amp-up the drama to a desired level, but as most holiday celebrations will be limited to one’s household, Wilson says a few coats of a curling mascara are the perfect option to ensure eyes “have a nice pop” without appearing overdone.

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